Georgios Fishing Boat Trips

Αφιερώματα Προορισμοί Κέρκυρα

Georgios Fishing Boat Trips

Georgios Fishing Boat Trips is located in Kanoni, Corfu (where Mouse Island is). The captain is a professional fisherman, named Babis who offers boat trips to tourists around Corfu or to the mainland. Babis has lived in Corfu his entire life and has been a professional fisherman for over 20 years, so this is your chance to experience fishing with a real professional who can share his experience with you.

On the trip you will fish, listen to music have a glass of wine and eat the fish you will have caught. Babis and the team will ensure you have a wonderful experience fishing on a professional fishing boat. It is perfect for friends and families and you can be sure to take some great pictures, and create some memories that will last a lifetime!

The trips from Kanoni are daily, however you can also book for a private boat trip at any time convenient for you, prices will vary for this. You can either book via telephone or email or turn up on the day, booking in advance is not necessary.

Prices for Georgios Fishing Boat Trips

Early Morning Fishing Trip : 30 euros, This trip is going on an early fishing trip with the captain, the trip is 2 hours and can either start at 7:00am or 8:00am

Corfu Fishing Trip : 50 euros. This trip includes fishing yourselves around Corfu with the captain. Time can be flexible depending on the customers preference,

Special Fishing Trip : 100 euros. This trip is perfect for a day out. The trip will start at 11:00am where you will go to the mainland to fish, swim and eat and drink at a restaurant (all inclusive). Return time is at 18:00pm and requires a minimum or 3 people per trip.